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Horse Training:

The methods are all resistance free focusing on strengthening the bond between the horse and owner. Our program will include owner instruction in the training process so that you can continue to work with your horse after it has left here. After all, it doesn't matter if someone other than you can manage your horse.


Whitney & her daughter Casey on Tiny in the Weaverville Christmas Parade.

Whitney Mulloy has been training horses for over 21 years.

Lazy K Ranch is a family operated business. Providing personal instruction that caters to your needs as an owner.

Youth instruction is a big part of what we do, however, adult students are welcomed too!

Building confidence as you learn to handle your own horse and ride like a team.

Providing training in the areas of starting a young horse or working with problems with the older horse or partnership of owner and horse.

Whitney and Tiny are certified with the Palm Beach County Mounted Patrol & Hederson County Mounted Patrol.

Whitney specializes in restarting horses and dealing with behavioral problems in previously trained horses. With a background in the Standardbred industry, Whitney has retrained Harness horses to saddle / trail horses. Her great grandfather; Howard Britt is nationally renowned in the Standardbred Hall of Fame and her father Walter Ross; has accomplished many firsts in the harness horse industry. Still to this day holding track records with Margie's Tyler who is a retired Standardbred racehorse here at Lazy K Ranch. Margie's Tyler is currently a lessons horse. Both of Whitney's brothers are professional drivers Walter Ross Jr. is currently at Rockingham Race Track in Salem N. H. and Wade Ross is driving at Pocono Downs in Penn.


This is Tyler with her horse Delight. She was retired from trail riding by a local ranch together with Tyler and Delight we have worked through some "issues" and Delight has gone on to win many ribbons with Tyler and qualified for 4-H State Competition 2009! Read what Tyler's Grandmother Peggy had to say....


Hi Whitney,

I would like to take this chance to Thank you for the work you have done with Tyler and Delite. And with Terri for that matter. She was over last night and filled me in on the trailer loading session. patience , patience, patience!!!!! Not just talking Terri and the horse. ALL OF YOU!!! I am so thankful that Delite is working out with Tyler, she loves her horse and I have to remind myself she bought her with her own money she earned working for auctions, John, and selling "garden bugs" each spring for 3 years at a street sell we do in May in Hendersonville.You are so good at making your students feel challenged and at the same time more confident. I will be here Sat. and want to go with Terri and Tyler Sat. morning to the Ag. center. So tomorrow will be much to busy to convey these Thanks to you both but know I feel God blessed us when you came into our lives.


"Training young equestrians has been a joy for me over 20 years now. I love to take the kids to their first show and make it a fun and memorable experience for the horse, the rider and their parents. Fun shows are hosted at Lazy K Ranch so that everyone can feel the joy of winning a ribbon." Whitney Mulloy

I can teach you to ride the horse you own and work with any problems you have as a team. This is Raksha and even though she only has one eye she still is a versatile working horse. She can give lessons, win ribbons at local horse shows, and she is a steady mount on the trails and in parades.




Molly & Natcho


This is Molly and her horse Natcho. Natcho is retired from a dressage career. He is from Knee Deep Again Farms in Michigan. Molly is working to make Natcho a great kids horse.

While working for veterinarians they noticed how I was able to administer med's and do procedures with horses that most people had a difficult time handling and they started requesting that their clients work with me to make their horses safe to handle.

I started my own business called Misfit Acre working with problem horses while I was a Critical Care Technician in West Palm Beach, Florida. I worked as a critical care technician for Dr. Byron Reid in South Florida. http://www.reidequine.com

Dora The Explorer


When I first got Dora from Alabama she was very difficult to catch and halter. Dora and I worked with resistance free horsemanship training on getting her to trust people and let them do things with her.

She is now doing beginner english riding lessons and trail rides. You should see her jump! She is jumping 18" cross rails with ease.

Dora is my birthday / festival pony party pony giving many young children their first pony ride ever. Dora is offered for sale. Check her out on our news page.

Western North Carolina Saddle club!

Lazy K Ranch is a friendly place and even though we don't have an official saddle club we do a lot of group activities like Lazy K Days and Night Rides and Movie Nights.

Is Lazy K Ranch a Dressage Barn, Hunter Jumper Barn, Western Pleasure Barn, Gaited Horse Facility? Yes!

You name it, we accept all breeds and riding disciplines. All ages and levels from 6 years old to ??. Our program is a back to basics program that focuses on horse sense. Emphasis on balanced centered riding and learning how to stop unwanted behaviors. We train you and your horse to work together.


Our training program can include trail riding. The opportunity to work with your horse outside of the arena in sometimes challenging situations. We ride on trails which offer terrain for beginners and advanced riders.

Delight & Whitney

Maybe you're in need of trailering lessons, so that you can transport your horse when you want to go somewhere. We will work on specific problem areas.

Delight was reluctant at first but now trailers for her family.

Hannah Montana



Lazy K Ranch is a registered care giver with the Asheville Humane Society...

This is Maria with her horse Hannah. Hannah Montana was adopted by Maria from the Asheville Humane Society and together we are working on turning Hannah into a versatile riding horse. Maria is a very determined rider and is doing a great job training Hannah. Look for Maria and Hannah to do great things!